File:Zombastic Productions inc (1941)(Better Quality)
Zombastic Productions.
Inc is a logo that appears on Red's Breakfast Experience & Die You Zombie Ba****ds!


On a very badly-made space background, a model of the skull flies around the background in jittery manner until it stares at us, when it's done, the screen quickly fades to black and cuts back to normal. A man's arm with a blue shirt and white glove holding a syringe full of what appears to be Pepto-Bismol appears and puts Pepto into the skull and it cuts to the skull screaming. It then cuts to a black background where "ZOMBASTIC" in green explodes into places. "productions, inc." in pink blurs into place as "ZOMBASTIC" shines. We cut back to the space background with the skull still there without the arm, with Pepto-Bismol dripping from it's mouth. The skull glows white and blurs and zooms into the screen. The screen flashes and fades out.

Scare FactorEdit

Highest. The screams. The animation. Pretty much everything here makes this worse than Erry Vision Screen Legends  And 3-G Home Video.

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