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Worldvision Home Video Logo00:12

Worldvision Home Video Logo

On a white screen, the Worldvision Enterprises globe with a red "W" zooms-out from the center. As the camera zooms out, the word "WORLDVISION" emerges from the front, and both plaster themselves into place. The text "HOME VIDEO INC." slides in from the Worldvision name, as the background fades to black. Afterwards, the radar globe shines and the "World Vision Inertnational" print stamp (in very small type here) fades onto the bottom of the screen. The finished logo then cuts to black. The logo looks similar to the 1988 Worldvision logo.


Worldvision Home Video was the home media division of television production company and syndicator Worldvision Enterprises, that primarily released television programs (Worldvision's own material, along with material from ABC Films and QM Productions that Worldvision controlled the distribution rights to the former and all rights to the latter), Hanna-Barbera Productions (who was owned by Taft Broadcasting, Worldvision's owner at the time) material and special-interest releases (suchpro golf legend Jack Nicklaus' Golf My Way series). Worldvision was later sold to Spelling Inc. (later Spelling Entertainment Group) and began releasing Spelling Entertainment programs. In 1994, Spelling purchased Republic Pictures and Worldvision Home Video was folded into Republic Pictures Home Video.

Scare RankEdit

High to nightmare. The long and loud "whoosh", combined with the animation, eerie synth, globe design and the dark text may startle many people, even those used to the television counterpart. Lower for those used to seeing it. Low to medium for the quiet version.

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