Warning: We don't recommend you to see the video if you are prone to epilepsy.

Nicknames: "Attitude", "The Seizure-Inducing WWF Logo"

Logo: This one is hard to describe-- We see a looped video of a neon earth with a outlined sun, the bottom of a ring close up. An earth zooming in, crowds cheering and explosions which speeds up faster as time goes on. , "#1 Worldwide Leader", "World", "Wrestling", "Federation", and other stuff like that are seen (the words "World Wrestling Federation" are not seen at the same time). The animation abruptly ends and "ATTITUDE" is seen for a fraction of a second, followed by a quick pan of the WWF logo (much like the original, but it seems like a 5-year old's scribble of the logo with a red line underneath). The WWF logo is stylized to have a harder edge, like their product, and is modeled after the Nike "swoosh".

Variants: On the 2001 disc of WWE Royal Rumble: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 3, only the last few seconds of this are shown and the ending pan of the WWF logo is replaced with a pan of the WWE logo. Another variant shows several past logos as the logo goes, the last few seconds of this logo is shown. This was seen at the 2001 Survivor Series event during the WWF vs. Alliance (WCW/ECW) storyline. FX/SFX: The quick cuts and quick animation of the words on the scenes.

Music/Sounds: Rock guitar riffs and sped-up sounds from the video clips that culminate in a thunderclap-like sound. There is a loud and quiet version. The Survivor Series variant oddly had the 5th logo's music.

Availability: Very rare/near extinction. The World Wildlife Fund now allows this logo so it has a very slim chance of reappearing. The logo itself debuted on TV on the November 17, 1997 edition of RAW IS WAR and made it's debut as a opening logo on March 2, 1998 and on PPV on Unforgiven: In Your House. The last show to have this logo was the May 5, 2002 edition of Sunday Night Heat and the last one on DVD was the Tagged Classics DVD. As for PPV's, Insurrection 2002 was the last pay-per-view to have this logo. It resurfaced "unblurred" on the DVD release Brock Lesnar: Here Comes The Pain. In The UK, the logo is a bit more common and appears on some of Silver Vision's WWE Tagged Classics DVD's without blurs.

Scare Factor: High to nightmare; the noise and "thunderclap" will not sit well with everyone. Low for those that are used to it.

Final Note: On May 5, 2002, the World Wrestling Federation changed it's name to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) because the World Wildlife Fund sued them in 2000 due to the WWF sharing their initials, and WWF's popularity in the world was spreading like wildfire, due to famous wrestlers like The Rock, Stone Cold, Val Venis, and Kurt Angle, among others.


WWF Attitude Era TV Intro

WWF Attitude Era TV Intro