Viva Films is a movie production company formed in 1981 in the Philippines.


VIVA Films Logo 1981-1986

VIVA Films Logo 1981-1986

VIVA Films Logo 2004

VIVA Films Logo 2004

  • Logo 1: On a Persian red background, a light gold triangle zooms out, stops for a moment to emit four triangle-shaped waves, then abruptly appears further zoomed out. The triangle moves left as another slides out from behind it and moves to the right a bit. A tall rectangle and an inverted triangle slide in from the top and bottom of the screen, respectively, and then a faint flash occurs, creating slanted lines running in from the left sides of each triangle (the latter triangle has lines from the bottom, while the first two ones has lines from the top), and all the way through the top of the rectangle; the shapes now resemble the word "VIVA". Another faint flash creates the word "FILMS" sandwiched in between two lines in the length of the word "VIVA", in the same color as the logo.
  • Logo 2: On a black background, two outlined white triangles (one upside down) appear zooming to us and filling with a red color, making the outline disappear. These triangles zoom out. Then a series of outlined triangles appear and do an unknown animation. The animation stops, and the I from the VIVA logo falls down. The now-red triangles from the beginning of the logo zoom in, and the other triangles disappear. Inside the triangles, the V's and A vertically wipe and form. The triangles zoom in even more, filling the background with the red color, and leaving the finished logo. "FILMS" sandwiched in between two lines, now in the same length as "FILMS" fades in below. The finished version is a little bit more bigger than the 1st version.


A short version exists, only for the 1st version. In this short version, we start from the logo formation.

FX/SFX/Cheesy FactorEdit

Very simplistic animation for the 80s. The 2nd version is more unique, though.


  • Logo 1: None, or possibly the opening theme of the film. The short version used a gun shot, followed by a fast fanfare.
  • Logo 2: None.

Music/Sounds VariantsEdit

  • On Boy Negro, the 2nd logo plays with a synth-pop theme.
  • Another music variant with the 2nd logo is in Doctor, Doctor, We Are Sick, where it features a synth fanfare.
  • On Cross My Heart, a creepy synth theme is used on the 1st logo.
  • On Captain Barbell (Herbert Bautista), a superhero majestic fanfare can be heard on the 2nd logo.


Ultra rare. Seen on films from the time. The 2nd version made a strange appearance in 2004 in the movie Sa Totoo Lang.

Scare FactorEdit

  • Logo 1: None. Low for the short version due to it's sudden appearance and music.
  • Cross My Heart: Minimal to medium.
  • Logo 2: Minimal to low.

But there’s nothing compared to the next (scary) logo...