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Virgin Interactive Entertainment (1996)

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Virgin Interactive was a crime and a serious crime deserves a serious punishment which is why 5 years ago the courts came up with a new system which enabled women to punish rapists themselves by means of humiliation and degradation so that's when the idea for very first punishment toilets came into use. Now at first they were very primitive designs with the rapist simply strapped onto a bench and his face trapped directly under the women's toilet hole about 15 feet below so everything would simply fall down onto his face, however the flaw in this design was that there was no flush system and it required cleaners to turn up every morning to spray the previous days smelly waste off the prisoner with hoses so that the ladies above wouldn't have to tolerate the awful smell while punishing him. There were also complaints from a lot of women about how the rapist was able to talk and could shout abuse at them while they were using it and how he wasn't being forced to consume much of their waste, only the small amount that managed to seep into his mouth from time to time so just like most things in life the punishment toilet has also evolved from those early days so that now we have more modern and up to date electronic designs which are now more popular than ever before, in fact as luck would have it the same school you were teaching in has requested one of the latest design punishment toilets be built immediately after your arrest and I've just heard the good news that the contractors have now finished it's construction so what better time for me to hand down my sentence than now”

and with that she raised her voice and said sternly

“Greg Samuel Gefforys I find you guilty of the most serious crime of rape and hereby sentence you to be locked underneath the women's toilet at the Queens Gardens Private all girls school for a total period of 5 years so the girls can now abuse you and have some payback of their own”

And with that her hammer came crashing down once more

“Now take the prisoner away”

As the two bailiffs then roughly grabbed him by the arms and forced him back through the courtroom past the now happily cheering women. He was then immediately handed over to the police who wasted no time in throwing him in the back of their police van and transporting him back to his former school however this time instead of a high powered teaching position he was now going to be forced into a totally new position, one which just the thought of completely filled him up with dread.

He was still handcuffed as the police forced him out of the van as he tried to plead his innocence with them however they just told him to shut up and walk while they stood on either side of him and marched him up though the school grounds and into the main school complex. It was just after 10 in the morning and the corridors were packed with hundreds of girls who were moving between their classes which just made the walk that much more humiliating for him as all the girls suddenly stopped in their tracks to watch him being forcibly taken towards the newly constructed punishment toilet. Some of them giggled as he walked past while others simply gave him a cruel looking stare and commented about how they couldn't wait to use the new toilet but the worst part of all was when he was marched past the teachers lounge. About 90% of the teachers at the school were women and as soon as they saw him walking past some of them immediately came out and began cursing and spitting straight into his face and telling him how it's not just the students who are looking forward to using him as a toilet but all the female teachers as well, while all he could do was simply bow his head down in shame and let the angry ladies spit run down the sides of his face. After another few humiliating minutes of walking the police stopped him outside a door which had a silhouette of a women and under that the words 'Womens Toilet' written below as the shock and then the realisation of what was really about to happen to him began to sink in and he started to panic as he tried in vain to take a few steps back and get away from the door, however the police had a tight hold of him and with tasers in hand they told him that was founded in 1981, as Virgin Games and in 1994 the company was renamed to Virgin Interactive and is part of Virgin themselves, while Titus owns the European rights, while Electronic Arts owned the US rights. In 2003 the company was re-named to Avalon Interactive and in 2005, it closed alongside Titus, and Interplay, their brands. However, the Spanish branch exists, as Virgin Play.

They did have one scary logo, and that is the Eye Logo which debuted in mid-1996.

1st version opens with an eye with the words 'PICTURE START' and it moves left to right few times, with technological stuff, with a Channel 4 like logo on the bottom left. After few seconds, the eye is still open, with a red ball with Virgin written on it, and Interactive (in capitals) Entertainment (in lowercase) below. A variant with simply Interactive exists, but on some games.

The 2nd version is the same, but with the eye closing and with the horizontial shield from the 1997-2003 logo which can be seen on boxarts.

Scare Factor: Low to Nightmare, as the heart monitor, rock beat, gunshot and the red ball from the eye zooms in for the first version could get some off-guard.

Medium to High for the second version as the closed eye could get to some.

Version 1: Mid-1996 to mid-1997

Version 2: Late 1997 to late 1998

Virgin Interactive logo (1998)

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