Virgin Interactive Entertainment (1996)

Virgin Interactive Entertainment (1996)

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Founded in 1981 by Richard Branson, Virgin Interactive was the gaming side of Virgin Enterprises, and went defunct in 2003.
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They did have one scary logo, and that is the Eye Logo which debuted in mid-1996.

1st version opens with an eye with the words 'PICTURE START' and it moves left to right few times, with technological stuff, with a Channel 4 like logo on the bottom left. After few seconds, the eye is still open, with a red ball with Virgin written on it, and Interactive (in capitals) Entertainment (in lowercase) below. A variant with simply Interactive exists, but on some games.

The 2nd version is the same, but with the eye closing and with the horizontial shield from the 1997-2003 logo which can be seen on boxarts.

Scare Factor: Low to Nightmare, as the heart monitor, rock beat, gunshot and the red ball from the eye zooms in for the first version could get some off-guard.

Medium to High for the second version as the closed eye could get to some.

Version 1: Mid-1996 to mid-1997

Version 2: Late 1997 to late 1998

Virgin Interactive logo (1998)