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View Askew Productions is a film company created by comedian Kevin Smith. There are two intros, the first being the scariest. It shows an animated clown called Vulgar who was walking towards a fat boy playing with a ball. Vulgar pats the boy on the head, goes into a dressing room and comes back out in a man's flesh suit, now holding a movie clapper. The dressing room falls over and reveals "View Askew Productions", with each letter in a better second variant shows Smith's characters Jay and Silent Bobby Bob,as Silent Bob falls inside out of the View Askew logo and Jay runs all away.


The logo, quite humorous, yet a little disturbing, was shown in the 1994 film Clerks. The Jay and Silent Bob variant was shown ever since 2004 starting with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma, Jersey Girl, Clerks: The Animated Series, and Chasing Amy

Scare FactorEdit

Medium to Nightmare. Usually it depends on your point of view, but the bad low-budget animation, scratchy film, weird music (especially the "happy-go-lucky" calliope at the beginning), the butt-ugly clown, and generally bizarre and very, very weird subject matter may very well make this one of the scariest recent logos. It's not as bad as the the "S From Hell" or the "V of Doom", or the "Neon Mickey" and the "BND face of doom". but it WILL definitely scare quite a few people; if not, it will still turn off many people due to its rather weird and disgusting subject matter. Some people may also find it a bit funny instead of scary.

2004 VersionEdit

Miramax - View Askew Productions (10th Anniversary) (2004)00:34

Miramax - View Askew Productions (10th Anniversary) (2004)

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