Viacom was "the one who scares people", because of the scary V of Doom. This logo has over 50 variations, the earliest of them in black and white with the music of its predecessor, Viacom Pinball (1970-1976). V of Doom has a successor - V of Steel (1988-1990), exactly 2 years!!! Things changed as the newest logo back in the day - Viacom Wigga - Wigga, first seen on TV in 1990.

Viacom Wigga - Wigga (short-Wigga Wigga, 1990-1998) Edit

This logo comes in a zigzag line, which eventually turns into a \/|/\CO/\/\. This happens in a FAST pace. Like its predecessor, the V of Steel, this logo has a warpspeed variation plus 2 others:

  • a "peaceful" variation, which is used in Viacom International, 1990,1991.
  • one with the logo already formed and the word PRODUCTIONS slides to the center.