Vat19 is a website for stuff that launched in 2002. No animated version existed until 2008. These are seen at the end of Vat19 YouTube videos.

Here are all variants:

We see the product with the logo in a black text while an guy says " Creator of award-winning DVDs and purveyors of curiously awesome products." In later videos the new logo is used and some feature the guy saying " Purveyors of curiously awesome products.' The last video to use this was the Gummy Shot Glasses one.

The next one is the first animated one. It featured two texts "Vat" and "19" sliding together with "Shop CURIOUSLY AWESOME gifts." below on a white background and then "." "com" pop up while a choir says "!" and then a cursor appears and clicks the logo while a click sound is heard. It can be seen on newer 2008 Vat19 videos like the Slush Mug video.

The third one is the same from last, but it slides on a silver thing with the "Shop CURIOUSLY AWESOME gifts." text below it. On the World's Largest Gummy Bear video, a guy says "Give me more gummy bears!" when the click sound is heard.

The fourth one is almost the same as last, but the letters zoom in while a white spark appears when it zooms in and it is one a silver background instead of a white plus "Shop" and "Gifts" are now all uppercase, and a line is written under "CURIOUSLY AWESOME" and a different click sound is heard. On the math of the World's Largest Gummy Worm, the click sound is replaced by a talking giraffe saying "Say whaa?" while he pops up on the right bottom.

The current one is the logo zooming out while a white boom appears and ".com" is on a black ribbon. It is on a white background again but a line slides under "CURIOUSLY AWESOME".

Scare Factor Edit

Low for the first.

Low to high for the 2008-present ones, due to the choir. But it's Minimal for those who are used to it.

Watch the logo history Edit

Vat19 Logo History 2007-2015

Vat19 Logo History 2007-2015