Vadimon Video (1970-present)

Vadimon Video (1970-present)

logo begins with space, then eyes appear. At that time saturn appears. Then it goes back to space, then Vadi-Mon appears. Kinda relaxing...

Scare FactorEdit

Low to Nightmare because of the music.

Cheesy FactorEdit

Perhaps the cheesiest logo of all time, besides the Kanaal 2 startup logo. NOTHING was done correctly! Everything is poorly done, looking very cheap and old, and it's quite obvious the VADI-MON logo at the end is just someone holding it in front of a simple colored background (a green screen) using chroma-key effects, especially when the logo is flying up off centered, to the left, moving it closer to the camera and then lifting it up. Also, when you see the eyes very closely, you see, when he or she almost open their eyes, their pupils cuts to a little bit different place. Also, the fade-out from the planets to the last space background is off-centered as well. Lastly, the logo itself is too bright, making it even more obvious that it's chroma-keyed (albeit poorly). It's as if they were on a severe time constraint to make this.


Originally on the VHS reprint of the film Hola, Señor Dios, it uses a low-budget, yet oddly soothing smooth-jazz ditty done on a synthesizer (potentially an organ or an accordion as well) and a saxophone. Music/Sounds Variant: On the tape of Depravación, there seems to be a voice-over, and the ditty is somewhat differently arranged. (We can't confirm this, due to the only copy of the film online showing a very small glimpse of the logo at the very end, where it sounds like a voice is starting to speak.) Availability: Extremely rare. Apparently, this was seen on VHS prints of Spanish bible and porn films, including tapes of the 1970 movie Hola, Señor Dios and of the 1983 movie Depravacion. It was used on Luto Riguroso, El Invernader, and Regresso del Mas Alla as well. Pictures of these Vadi-Mon VHS tapes (mostly their covers) have been seen on the Internet. Hola, Señor Dios can be found on YouTube.