The V of Steel, another logo made by Viacom, is a popular logo that lasted from 1986-1990 or 4 years.



  • Mountainous Silver V
  • Giant Silver V
  • Majestic Silver V
  • Silver V
  • Rotating Silver V
  • Shining Silver V
  • V of Steel
  • ViaSteel
  • Viacom V VI
  • Silver Viacom V II


We start out with a screen, divided half black/purple gradient on top and half silver on the bottom with a bright light flare shining between. The silver part then rotates counter-clockwise (a la CBS/Fox Video), revealing it is a steel version of the "V of Doom" logo. The word "Viacom" flies in from the upper-left of the screen and places itself under the "V", and the "V" shines.


  • VHS tapes containing this logo and select TV broadcasts have the "V" shining three times. There is also a warp speed version of this, which has been seen on the syndicated version of Super Sloppy Double Dare.
  • There is also a variant where the "V" shines four times. It has been seen on episodes of RawhidePerry MasonMatlock (seasons 1-4), Hogan's Heroes, The Adventures of the Little KoalaFinders Keepers (Toffler version), Easy Street (1986 series), and the 1986 revival of Split Second. There is also a warp speed version of this.
  • There is a still variant.
  • There is a variant where the "V" doesn't shine at all. It was only seen on We Love Lucy.
  • On the 1987 Celebrity Double Dare pilot, the logo is revealed with a computer-generated effect before animating.
  • There is also a B&W variant.
  • 1990: There is another sped-up variant of this logo with the music at the normal speed.
  • There is also a variant that plays at a slightly slower speed.
  • On Fox's Family Double Dare, the logo fades in after the Nickelodeon logo with the "V" is already in place, then the "V" shines two times before fading out. This variant also has the syndicated Double Dare theme playing over the logo.
  • There is a variant where both the "V" and the "Viacom" appear to be in higher contrast, making the logo look shinier than before.
  • One version had a midnight blue screen with text saying "DISTRIBUTED BY", and then after a second, it cut to the "V" in the middle of its animation, with the full music playing throughout.


The rotating "V", the "V" "shining", and the light flare behind the "V" illuminating in the background. Actually pretty good CGI for its time.


Pindrop-like synth notes, followed by a descending synth chord. The music shares a similar musical key as the "V of Doom".

Music/Sounds/Voice-over VariantsEdit

  • The music had a couple of variations over the years. A couple of "warp-speed" versions, one of which is a ultra warp speed version featuring a higher-pitched jingle, can be seen on various programs, if they haven't been plastered.
  • In some cases, it used only the closing theme of the show or none.
  • Some episodes of Cannon and Perry Mason on Me-TV have the "V of Doom" music playing over this.
  • Some episodes of Gunsmoke, 'Matlock (seasons 1-4), and one episode of Hogan's Heroes have the "Wigga-Wigga" music playing over this.
  • A very rare variant of the extended warp-speed variant includes a voice-over. This was seen on a sales tape for the un-aired game show I Predict. As the logo animates, the voice-over is heard saying: "A Ron Greenberg Production, in association with Viacom." (Pronounced "Vee-a-com", similar to Sandy Hoyt on Split Second).


Uncommon bordering on rare in its unaltered form. It is currently seen on Rawhide on Me-TV and may possibly be seen on most episodes of 'Have Gun-Will Travelon H&I. It's also currently seen on most episodes of The Phil Silvers Show on Me-TV and occasionally seen on Decades, and was on most episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies, as well as Gunsmoke on Me-TV before they issued updated prints by CBS. It was last seen on The Beverly Hillbillies on TV Land as well as WGN, but recent airings have split screen credits during the last few seconds of the show, either altering the logo or removing it completely. Seen on '80s prints of other Viacom-distributed shows. It can be seen on the Perry Mason made-for-TV movies from 1987-89, but DVDs plasters it over with the CBS Television Distribution logo. It was also seen on some episodes of Perry Mason on Me-TV before they were issued updated prints by CBS. The silent variant is rare, because it was seen only on syndicated TV prints of the movie The Stepford Wives (the 1975 version). The ultra warp speed version can be seen on VHS tapes and Netflix's viewings of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show and The Legend of Zelda. It was spotted on the 1989 film Sonny Boy on TCM. This can also be seen on most episodes of The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams on the recent DVD releases. This logo (and it's extended variant) is also seen on various game shows syndicated by Viacom from 1986-1990, including Split Second, Double Dare, and Remote Control. The logo was recently spotted on some episodes of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (a.k.a. We Love Lucy) on the Hallmark Channel. The extended warp speed variants are considered extremely rare after being plastered by either the "Wigga-Wigga", Paramount Domestic Television, CBS/Paramount Domestic/Network Television ("Eye in the Sky" or "Wallpaper"), or CBS Television Distribution logos. The "DISTRIBUTED BY" variant is ultra rare, as it's only known to exist on Superboy. The long variant can be found on the Family Home Entertainment VHS of The Adventures of the Little Koala. At one point in time, it was also seen at the end of some reran episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, as well as episodes of I Love Lucy on Nick at Nite (as well as AMC) and The Millionaire on TV Land, among possible other reruns of Viacom-distributed shows. The black-and-white variant can be found at the end of The Andy Griffith Show Collector's Series Volume 12: Mayberry Classics, released on VHS by Premier Promotions. A version that shows this logo already forming can be found at the end of the MCA/Universal Home Video VHS of Super Force, as well as at least one episode of Rawhide on Me-TV. This logo was also spotted on a British VHS of Fun in Acapulco and a Brazilian VHS of Fatal Confession: A Father Dowling Mystery.

Scare Factor Edit

Depending on the variant:

  • Original: Low. The descending sound, sounding like the THX "Deep Note", and "V of Doom" style of the "V" might have scared a few here and there, but it's harmless, and tamer than the 1976 "V of Doom" logo
  • Extended: Same as above.
  • B&W: Same as above.
  • Distribution: Low. The quick transition to the "V" could surprise you.
  • Warp speed variants: Low, bordering on medium. The fast pace may surprise some first-time viewers
  • With the "V of Doom" theme: Medium, bordering on high. The theme will bring bad memories, but the lack of the zooming "V" makes this tamer.
  • With the "Wigga Wigga" theme: Minimal to low.
  • Silent variant/with the closing theme: None.


Watch if you dare!Edit

Viacom "V Of Steel" logo (Standard Version)

Viacom "V Of Steel" logo (Standard Version)

Standard Version

Viacom "V of Steel" logo (Long Version)

Viacom "V of Steel" logo (Long Version)

Long Version

Viacom "V of Steel" logo (Warp Speed)-1

Viacom "V of Steel" logo (Warp Speed)-1

Warp Speed

Viacom "V of Steel" logo (Ultra Warp Speed)-0

Viacom "V of Steel" logo (Ultra Warp Speed)-0

Ultra Warp Speed