The V of Doom, made by Viacom, is a popular scary logo that lasted from 1976-1986, or 10 years.


The words "A Viacom Presentation", in white Palatino Bold, zoom in and settle on the lower center of the screen. Then, a trapezium shape, with a line cut down it's center with a curve on the top of it, slowly zooms in, getting closer and closer to the viewer on his/her screen. Then, just as the shape fills the screen, the logo suddenly cuts to black.

Music Edit

A five-note timpani. The screen smash-cuts to black on the fifth note, leaving an echo. There are two speed variants.

Rare or Common?Edit

Thankfully, this logo is not commonly shown. In fact, you're lucky and probably nervous if you can ever spot it in a show. So far, there's been only a few appearances like the TV-movie "Eric", a rerun of The Honeymooners and a few of episodes of Gunsmoke.

Also, on YouTube, there is a video with a scare scene of DIC and the Viacom V of Doom. DIC gets scared by it and cusses a few. It will frighten the jeepers out of you and give you nightmares. Word to the wise: DO NOT WATCH AT Nighttime.

Logo Behavior FactorEdit

OK to Good due to the zooming trapezium shape, the text, and the music. This logo makes you feel as if the V will crash out of the screen and hit you in the face. The Spinning Diamonds of Doom (which debuted 3 years earlier), the VID Mask and the S from Hell all could be a bit worse than the V of Doom however. Though, there are some who aren't scared of this logo. Nightmare for warp speed, as the speed of the logo makes it even worse. Also, the text has an odd shine to it.

Watch if you dare!Edit

Warp speed00:05

Warp speed

Viacom Logo 1976-1982 2-000:08

Viacom Logo 1976-1982 2-0

The Epic Funny Show02:30

The Epic Funny Show


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