VIVA Films is a Philippine movie company which started in 1981. This company is part of the VIVA Entertainment Group.

Note: This is not to be confused with Viva Pictures, the company who made the infamous Foodfight! (which gained its infamy due to acts of espionage committed during production of the film.)

Scare FactorEdit

Depending on the variant:

  • Original Variant: Medium to high. The zaps/flashes, scary music, and ominous (color) theme (gold objects on b dark background) unnerved quite a number of people, making this the scary Philippine movie successor to the 1985 Regal Films logo.
  • 1993, 2003 Variations: Low to medium, as they received another noticeably brighter color scheme and less scary-sounding music, making it less creepier than the original logo.
  • Urban Rangers Variant: Medium to nightmare; the presence of the original music also doesn't help.
  • Pacifico Guevarra/Pangako ng kahapon Variant: High to nightmare, due to the near-black darkness. Again, the presence of the original music also doesn't help.
  • Synthesized Fanfare/Jungle Theme/Synth Drone/News Theme/Drumroll Theme: Low. It's less unnerving.
  • Dreamy Theme: Minimal to low, since it's an improvement over the original fanfare.
  • Opening Theme: Minimal.

But none to low for these who are used to seeing any of the variants.

Watch if you dare!Edit

VIVA Films, 199100:22

VIVA Films, 1991


VIVA Films, 199300:20

VIVA Films, 1993


VIVA Films, 200300:22

VIVA Films, 2003

VIVA Films (Widescreen Version, 1991)00:18

VIVA Films (Widescreen Version, 1991)

VIVA Films (1998)00:22

VIVA Films (1998)

VIVA Films (1991)00:20

VIVA Films (1991)

VIVA Films (1998)-000:22

VIVA Films (1998)-0

VIVA Films (1992)00:10

VIVA Films (1992)

Viva Films (2000)00:21

Viva Films (2000)

Not a scary fanfare (phew!)

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