1st Logo 1973-1994,September 10, 2000 Logo: the same as the 1997 Universal Pictures Logo the words UNIVERSAL DISNEY the same Music/Sounds the high pitch. Availability: rare can be see Comedy Like Disney In others However, it was also in A MCA Shows In VHS Tapes. Strangely, In 2000 The 1999 Disney Enterprise audio was playing on a 2000 airing of Baby Daddy.

2nd Logo

1996-1997 Logo: the same as the 1973-2000 without the earth change to the Moon and The Comedy movies are changed to Horror Movies Music/Sounds Different.except the 1973-2000. Availability: rare can be see Horror Movies in 1996-1997.

3rd Logo

1998-April 21,1999 Logo: the same as the 1996-1997 without the Moon change into the Sun and the Comedy Movies are back! Music/Sounds same as 1996-2000 Availability: rare can be see Comedy Movies Like The 1973-2000

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