Nickname: P-Head and Friends
Public Broadcasting Service logo 1971-198500:11

Public Broadcasting Service logo 1971-1985

The 1971 Tri-colored Everyman

The 1971 Tri-colored
Pbs logo
Everyman is a logo that starts off on a black background with a blue P zooming back into its place. Later, with a P turning into a P-Head added facing left, and the word "PUBLIC" below, and both move to the left of the screen. Following that, it is an orange B with two black dots within it, and the word "BROADCASTING" below "PUBLIC". Finally, a green S appears next to the B, and two black dots appear within it, and the word "SERVICE" appears below "BROADCASTING". Which can be used on 1976-1984 episodes of Austin City Limits during the first nine seasons, 1980-1983 episodes of The Woodwright's Shop during the first three seasons, and 1981-1984 episodes of MotorWeek during the first three seasons.

Scare FactorEdit

None to Minimal. The Moog synthesizer music and primitive animation are certain to unnerve more than a few unsuspecting viewers, especially if viewed in a completely darkened room or succeeding credits with a black background. Kids might think this logo is not so scary, but it's harmless. But for people who hate this logo, medium to nightmare.
Public Broadcasting Service ident (1971)00:13

Public Broadcasting Service ident (1971)

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