NOTE: AlexKiddo16, LOGOSROCKS, Logofan95, and BendytheDevil11 are not scared of this logo

Intel logo from October 1993.

Intel is a computer company that process computers. It created many great animated logos as commercials/adverts on TV. One of them are the scariest ones ever in October 1993! The Creepy CGI Intel Logo of doom is one of Intel's scary logos. It starts when the Intel logo zooms out of nowhere and it flips slow down and stops, then it was showing us! It's also in 3D CGI! The music is wcvb5 wfaa8 creepy it can scare people out! The logo was only used on a CD-ROM, not as an advert/commercial.

Logos Behavior Factor: Medium to high.Edit

The sudden appearance, the zooming in, the awful animation, the dark background and the scary music will scare many, especially if they come up with something like this on their computers. This is where goosebumps won't be the least of your problems. Some may don't like the black background, the zooming in and the dark music. Low to medium for those who used to see it.


Intel Logo

Intel Logo