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On a zooming space background, we just sit through eight seconds of nothing until finally, more animation arrives. It begins with a pink comet shooting from the right, then, when it hits the center, an explosion appears. The letters “A”, “B”, and “M” zoom in and spin, along with a fancy tail, all colored gold. A yellow line flashes quickly on the logo’s edges just before the explosion (now really white dust) disappears. The word “PRESENTS” in BrushScript font slowly fades in, then the logo fades out, and we are left with just the zooming space background for another 13 seconds before it’s gone altogether. In some cases, a warning scroll was used.

Scare FactorEdit

High. The cheapness of the logo, combined with the awful synth droning, as well as the animation and letters, make this one of the scariest (and just all around worst) home video logos in existence.

Watch if you dareEdit

The ABM Group00:39

The ABM Group

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