These ID's were shown from 1997 to 1998.

Curtain Edit

We see the night planet surrounded with a few other planets, we then pan through city buildings on the planet and we then see the through the windows on one building, the first window we see is basically nothing but a green thing (possibly a curtain) on the right, then the next window we see is a guy wearing a white tank top and a woman kissing, the next window shows a woman rising up, we then pan to one more window showing a guy taking his tie and glasses off and then a woman with a black dress is seen coming from the left of the window and closing the curtain, we then fade in to the shaky Teletoon logo on a black background.

Foot Edit

Logo: We pan down to an area with small buildings, we then see a guy wearing a black jacket and red pants on the corner of a building and holding a hat (which looks like it may have been a police hat) which he then puts on, a red foot with a high heel on is seen around the corner of the building with the leg moving up and down, we then see a close-up of the man moving his eyes toward the screen then looking back to the foot, we then see an isolated view of the ID and pans to the foot to reveal to be attached to a green monster, we then get another view of the monster until it the same Teletoon logo as the previous ID above fades in.

Baby Edit

Logo: We pan down to an area with small buildings (just like the "Foot" ID), we then pan around a baby stroller left around the street, and then cuts to a different view which reveals a clown-like baby, we then get a close-up of the baby and starts to move a little and then the head opens up to reveal a mouth with sharp tooth and opens up to reveal another set of teeth but it turned vertically, then the second set of it opens up to reveal a tongue or a leech with a mouth and a pair of teeth on it and jumps into the screen which then the Teletoon logo fades in (the same one as the two previous IDs).

Scare factor Edit

the baby commercial, the baby with sharp teeth, with the k-fee scream may scare people. and the foot commercial scared so many kids.