Logo: It is difficult to describe in detail, but the logo consists of the letters "tmc", connected together, flashing one by one in different arrangements. The animation is synchronized to the music. Multiple light trails appear behind and in front of the logo. A "cloudy" product is formed through these light trails sometimes, of which obstructs the logo. The text "tele monte carlo" appears on the bottom in a similar font, and has copies trailed behind it on occasion. This sequence continues for about 45 seconds.

Scare Factor: Medium to nightmare. The big text, initial darkness, and colorless lights flashing in your face can spell bad dreams for some people. The fanfare makes it even worse, especially with it getting louder at the end. This is also one of the longest logos with a "nightmare" rating.


TMC Sigla inizio trasmissioni00:50

TMC Sigla inizio trasmissioni

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