Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears is a video game company that published the game Rework the Dead: Evil.

Scare Factor Edit

Nightmare, possibly even off the scale, due to the logo's dark nature and extremely violent image, all of which completely contradict the company's name. This logo will DEFINITELY upset animal lovers and/or people sensitive to blood and gore. Along with logos like Horror Factory and 3-G Home Video, this is possibly one of the scariest logos of all time. However, certain people might find this logo funny. And considering the game's violent content, the scare factor is obviously intentional.

Watch if you dare. Edit

Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears

Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears

WARNING: Due to this logo's graphic gore, photos and videos of this logo will not be allowed on CLG Wiki. LOOK UP PHOTOS AND VIDEOS OF THIS LOGO AT YOUR OWN RISK.