bread penis: On a black background, we see three sets of spherical lights curving together and combining to form an S made out of blue-purple lines. Then underneath that, the words "SURROUND SOUND" appear in a thin font.

Variants:On some tapes, the logo and the music cuts off earlier than usual, or alternately, when the logo cuts off, the music remains.

FX/SFX: The two lines combining to form the S, the words "Surround Sound" appearing underneath the S.

Cheesy Factor: The animation is somewhat choppy.

Music/Sounds: A faint sweeping sound, then a "CLANG!" and a haunting, echo-y female choir.

Availability: Seen on most Columbia TriStar/Sony Pictures VHS tapes of movies made from 1996-2007, such as Big Daddy, Close Encounters of The Third Kind,and Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Also seen on a few DVDs from the time, mostly from the logo's early years.

Logo Behavior Factor: Low to high; the music might scare some people. The fact that it's on a black background can be very unsettling as well, especially when you're least expecting it, or worst case scenario, the THX logo following it on a few tapes and being the icing on the cake. Minimal for those used to it. It is a cool logo however.