Street Fighter II was an arcade game released in 1991. Released for many home consoles including Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Game Boy

Scare Factor Edit

Scare Factor: Depending on the Character, It can range from None to Nightmare, The frantic music, The Characters injured face & the flashing then fade out to grey followed by their scream can be unsettling to many gamers

"Boss Variants from Street Fighter Championship Edition: Medium, Bordering on High. Balrog's, Vega's, Sagat's & M. Bison's injured faces are very disturbing, & look far much worse than the regular characters. Also they aren't animated like them either. Which can raise the scare factor as it can be presumed that they are dead.

Super Street Fighter 2 Version: Low to Nightmare, The updated art somehow manages to make them even more bloodier & injured especially characters like Zangief, Guile, & Ken. But compared to M. Bison are nothing.

"M. Bison Variant": High to Nightmare. The Blue Flames, & The fact that he appears to be crying tears of blood is a very disturbing sight, & is considered by many to be the scariest continue defeated portrait in both the original Street Fighter 2 & Super Street Fighter 2.

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