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Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Nicknamed "The Angry Typewriter Man is a logo where a man, Stephen J. Cannell, is typing on his typewriter surrounded by a room full of awards until he throws his written paper into the air. It suddenly turns animated onto an animated stack of papers and it forms a "C" while the text of the company is shown above.

Additional InfoEdit

It might be good to know that Cannell died in 2010 of melanoma, a change of color to the skin. Early additions had Cannell smoking a pipe while typing on the typewriter; which later became discontinued as Cannell no longer smoked his pipe in 1984.

StephenJCannellProductions pic 1

In the early years, we just see Cannell wearing a sweater while the later versions sported him wearing a polo shirt with the collar stuck up. Shows with this logo were The A-Team, 21 Jump Street, The Greatest American Hero, and several other 1980s shows.


On Family Guy,We see Peter typing on a typewriter,then he throws the paper.

On The Simpsons, at the end of an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, the duo are shown typing on a typewriter and one of them throws the paper and a modified Stephen J. Cannell logo and instead the paper is shaped saying I&S for Itchy and Scratchy.

One YouTube variant has someone typing on a typewriter then he throws the paper.The logo is in reverse and the paper hits his face.

Outfit ListEdit

1981: Cannell is wearing a dark colored sweater with white collar shirt, plus he is smoking his pipe.

1983: Cannell is wearing a blue jean jacket and white flannel shirt over a black turtleneck, plus he is smoking his pipe.

1984: Cannell is wearing a black jacket and dark colored sweater over white collar shirt, plus he no longer smokes his pipe.

1985: Cannell is wearing a white striped flannel shirt.

1987: Cannell is wearing a casual black and white vest.

1989: Cannell is wearing a vermillion polo shirt, with the collar up.

1996: Cannell is wearing a black sweater.

2004: Cannell is wearing a black jacket with a black sweater.

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All of the Stephen J. Cannell Logos

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