Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Nicknamed "The Angry Typewriter Man" is a logo where a man, Stephen J. Cannell, is typing on his IBM Selectric typewriter, surrounded by a room full of awards.

The camera then pans clockwise from his face to his back. Once, the camera is towards Cannell's back. He throws the paper. He is typing on over his head. The paper becomes animated on a black background, and floats downwards towards a stack of animated papers below. The paper scoops up the top papers in the stack and forms a "C", while the text of the company is shown above.

Scare rank: Original variant: Low to medium. The typewriter and the music can get some but it's minimal to low for those who are used it. I like the guitar music at the end.

Smoke pipe (or 1981) Variant: Medium to High. The Guy smoke his piping (combined with music that is dramatic) may get to some. I don't like the music at the end.

Family guy variant : Minimal. The Jazz music may get to a few.

YouTube Kid version: None to minimal . It's a cute logo. However the loud music may scare a few.

YouTube copier: None to medium . The guy can get to some but some mind find it funny.

The Simpsons: Low. The air guitar music at the end is cool and Scratchy typing on a typewriter.

For my opinion, the scare factor is Minimal.

Additional InfoEdit

It might be good to know that Cannell died in 2010 of melanoma, a change of color to the skin. Early versions consisted of Cannell smoking his pipe while typing on the typewriter. In 1984, Cannell quit smoking his pipe, as he wears a black jacket and dark coloured sweater over white collar shirt.

StephenJCannellProductions pic 1

Cannell using his typewriter.

In the early years, we just see Cannell typing at the typewriter from the front. He throws the paper up into the air, and the animation sequence continues as normal. Shows with this logo were The A-Team, 21 Jump Street, The Greatest American Hero, and several other 1980s shows.


On Family Guy, We see Peter typing on a typewriter, then he throws the paper.

On The Simpsons, at the end of an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, the duo are shown typing on a typewriter and one of them throws the paper and a modified Stephen J. Cannell logo and instead, the paper is shaped saying I&S for Itchy and Scratchy followed by Bart and Lisa sighing.

One YouTube variant has someone typing on a typewriter. and then, he throws the paper. The logo is in reverse and the paper hits his face.
All of the Stephen J

All of the Stephen J. Cannell Logos

This is a video about some logos of Cannell.

Outfit List 1981-2004Edit

  • 1981: Cannell wears a dark blue sweater with a white collar shirt, plus he is smoking his pipe.
  • 1983: Cannell wears a blue jean jacket and a white flannel shirt over a black or blue turtleneck, plus he is smoking his pipe. This is also the last logo to have Cannell smoking his pipe before Cannell stopped smoking in 1984.
  • 1984: Cannell wears a black jacket and dark blue sweater over a white collar shirt, and his office changed, because Stephen J. Cannell didn't smoke his pipe anymore.
  • 1985: Cannell wears a white and gray striped flannel shirt.
  • 1987: Cannell wears a casual black polo shirt with white stripes.
  • 1989: Cannell wears a vermilion polo shirt, with the collar stuck up.
  • 1996: Cannell wears a black sweater. Can be seen on the 6th, and the 7th and final season of Silk Stalkings.
  • 2004: Cannell wears a black jacket with a black turtleneck. It was seen on some shows. It's also seen on Mission Hill.
  • In "Punked" , the 2004 logo is shown. the word says "STEPHEN J. CANNEL" and "CONJERED MENTEL, FREIND" . He throws the paper, then turns to black background the paper falls and says "WE'LL MISS YOU, PALL" or "WE'LL MIS YOU, MIMSIE", and paper continoius to fall.
  • In late logos from 2012, the logo was widescreen.