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Spectra Animation 2000-2012-3

Spectra Animation 2000-2012-3

Spectra Animation is a company whose logo can be seen at the end of Toopy and Binoo and Kid Paddle

Description of logo Edit

A green hand with eyes on the "fingers" is missing one of those "fingers" at the beginning.

Company name Spectra Animation red and yellow.

Then, the "finger" flies from the top really fast on the hand, and a scream is heard. The hand quickly slaps itself on the Spectra Animation logo.

Scare FactorEdit

Medium to High, because of the fast moving green hand, the screams heard, and the sort of scary look. None for people who are used to the logo. Some may find the hand cute. Preschoolers may find this logo scary because they aren't used to sounds like that yet. (This is the year I was born)