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Sony Computer Entertainment is formed in 1993 by Sony in Tokyo. the infamous 'Fearful Harmony' appears if you insert a pirated game, scratched game, etc.


The PlayStation is the first console to be released in 1995 and was officially discontinued in 2006. There were two scary logos, "Fearful Harmony" & "Personified Fear" These are error logos. The first logo has a blackground with yellow/orange diamond & Sony logo is still here, and the PlayStation logo flashes in the diamond. A minute later, slowed jingling will play for an inconsistent period fo time. When the PS1 detects a PS2 or other disc, a blue background appears with a text saying Please insert PlayStation CD-ROM.

The second logo happens either with a gray-white or black screen, with a difference in the usual sound effects - the PlayStation logo whoosh is much harsher, the jingles are missing and the synth notes are played off-key. This error could occur inconsistently if you inserted a damaged or pirated disc into the console, but is mostly caused by faulty execution of code.

Scare FactorEdit

Low for the foreign disc version.

Medium for a Fearful Harmony variant. The sound is very scary. - it sounds like a Yanni song is about to start but can still scare people, but it's not that bad and NOTHING compared to the next error.

NIGHTMARE for a Personified Fear variant. The gray screen with a tense version of PlayStation sound can scare toddlers & unnerve people when they're first time watching it. Low to Medium for those who are not scared of it.-

Watch if you dare!Edit

Fearful Harmony on real PS1 (SCPH-1002) - High Quality Audio02:50

Fearful Harmony on real PS1 (SCPH-1002) - High Quality Audio

PlayStation 1 Personified Fear HD 1080p00:21

PlayStation 1 Personified Fear HD 1080p


PlayStation2 is a second console to be released in 2000 and discontinued in 2013. It has one scary error logo called the Red Screen of Death. It appears if you got a damaged or wrong disc (like inserting a blank disc or any incompatible discs). The red cloud appears with 2 glass cubes and the white text saying "Please insert a PlayStation or PlayStation2 format disc."

Scare FactorEdit

Low to medium for the startup. It could startle a few. Same if you have a memory card. But. If you've always had a memory card in your PS2, you should be perfectly FINE with the logo.

Low to high for the long variant. It could be a sign of a scary error below. However. This could be decreased to low to medium for those who always get this long one. However. Things get more seriously scary in the next variant. And this is totally NOTHING compared to the error.

High to nightmare for a RSOD variant. the red screen and tense music can unnerve people & give some people & children nightmares about this screen, They can scare people the first time seeing this variant sometimes. The scare factor is low to medium for those who are used to it or not scared of it.

Watch if you dare!Edit

Ps2 rsod02:44

Ps2 rsod

PlayStation 3 Edit

The PlayStation 3 was the first system to not feature a scary error.

actually, you're wrong. (^)

The PS3 had its own somewhat scary error, another Red Screen of Death. This screen happened during a firmware update in 2011 where many Playstation 3 consoles will not start up, but instead show a red screen with no background audio at all. It says in 8 different languages "A serious error has occurred, contact technical support for assistance."

Scare Factor Edit

Startup: None. It is tamer than Fearful Harmony and Personified Fear and the PS2's Red Screen of Death due to the gentle sway of the lines and peaceful music.

RSOD: Medium bordering to high, it could frighten a console owner because it appears suddenly and is a bright neon red. High if it happens at night, most people play without lights on at night so the red colour illuminates the room.

Here It Is! Edit


Scary, huh?

PlayStation 4 Edit

The rarest error screen of all of these along with personified fear (done on a real SCPH-1001 console), is the PS4 RSOD. It's only been spotted and recorded a very few times. This screen happened with first buyers of the PS4 because there was an HDMI error with the console

Scare Factor Edit

Nightmare. It's a neon red screen that flickers with black for a nonstop amount of time until the console is shut off. It is terrifying for owners to see.

Here It Is! Edit

New PS4 and the Red Screen Of Death00:28

New PS4 and the Red Screen Of Death

video taken by MCOM Inc GEER, this video is displayed on this website for entertainment and showcase purposes only.

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