Snee Oosh Inc

Nicknames: "Creepy Chorus of Doom", "Snee-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH", "Totem Pole Bird", "The Weird/Scary logo at the end of Hey Arnold!"

On a brown background, we see a yellow circle with a totem pole bird covered with weird looking intricate tribal patterns and markings inside of the circle. On the bottom we see the words "SNEE-OOSH INC." displayed in brown logs.

Seen on Hey Arnold! (1996-2004), the Cartoon Network pilot Party Wagon (2004), and more recently, Ready Jet Go! on PBS Kids (2016-) and the tex critter show on rtejr [2016-]


  1. (1996-1998)
    Snee-Oosh Inc

    The original logo, as seen at the end of every episode of Hey Arnold! from 1996 to around 1997.

    On early episodes of Hey Arnold!, the brown background is a bit lighter and the totem pole bird doesn't look as freaky. On the top of the totem pole bird are the words "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" written in the Hey Arnold! font. However, on episodes of Hey Arnold! from 1997 to 2004, (as seen on the DVD sets of Hey Arnold! released exclusively from Shout! Factory), the logo seen at the end is identical to the logo used in the following variant, except we have the end theme of the show playing in the background and not a creepy chorus.

SFX: None.

Music/Sound: The end theme of the show. However, a creepy chorus sings the company name, followed by a gong/flute section that carries to Nickelodeon or Nickelodeon Productions.

Scare Factor: None, although the totem pole bird may weird some people out.

Availability: As of October 2015, this logo is rare, and can only be found on the season sets of Hey Arnold! due to an editing error on the split screen credits for the new 1990s programming block The Splat on TeenNick. Instead of the Snee Oosh logo, we have the Klasky Csupo "Splaat" logo instead. Note that this error is identical to the error that occurred after the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Wet Painters/Krusty krab Training Video" that appeared from 2002-2006, when Nickelodeon finally fixed the error. As of the date of this writing (May 2nd, 2016) the error is still not fixed.

2. (1998-2004)

In this variant we have the same logo, only the background light is dimmed and instead of the end theme of the show we have a creepy chorus (similar to a barbershop quartet) singing "SNEE-OOOOOOOOOSH!" followed by a weird gong/flute sound that plays over the Nickelodeon logo.

SFX: None.

Music/Sound: The creepy chorus singing "SNEE-OOOOOOOOSH!" and the gong/flute sound.

Scare Factor: Low to nightmare. It depends on how you feel about the logo. While some may find the voices calming, others may find it odd, jarring, and frightening. The creepy chorus and the weird sound that plays over the Nickelodeon logo may get you. Minimal for those who already seen it.

Availability: Extinct. This variant has not appeared since an airing of Hey Arnold! on the original The 90s Are All That

The Ready Jet Go! variant is None, due to just being the still image and the Ready Jet Go! theme song.
Snee-Oosh Inc

Snee-Oosh Inc. (1998-2004) & Nickelodeon (1999)

Snee Oosh (Variant 1998) Nickelodeon Network (Hey Arnold! Variant 2000) Recreation

Snee Oosh (Variant 1998) Nickelodeon Network (Hey Arnold! Variant 2000) Recreation