Sire Games


Geo G.


1993 (as Garcia Enterprises)

1998 (as Sire Games)

Parent company

DHX Media


Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, M6, Teletoon, YTV, PBS Kids, Treehouse TV

Other Parent Companions

Corus Entertainment

Viacom International



Logo status

dream logo

Consoles for games

PlaySation, SNES, PSP, Nintendo Wii, Wii U, PS2, PS3, PS4, Nintendo NX

Sire Games it's a comany founded in 1993 as Garcia Enterprises. In 1993-1998 years, the logo not used,


First logo (1998-2005, 2009-present) Edit

On a black background, we see circle, "S" and "g" letters gliding and formed (but "IRE" and "AMES" is cleared). The "IRE" and "AMES" words wiping and gliding to the logo. Logo at the end is formed. Music/Sounds: whoosh sounds.

Scare Factor Edit

None to low, dark background and fast temp animation can catch people-off guard, but this is favorite, funny, silly and harmless logo.

See also Edit

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