Showcase Original is the logo seen before Trailer Park Boys reruns on Action. The first and third are the only found on YouTube. 

The first contains clips from stuff and then it reveals the 2000 logo with some a shine. It is unknown what the music sounds like. If any one knows the music, post it here.

The second one is some lights flashing (a la Lynch/Frost Productions) then reveals the 2000 logo.

The third is a dark night city (a la Starry Night Productions) with the 2010 logo zoomming in while a rock tune plays.


All are extinct, due to no existence of any original shows on Showcase as of 2017.

Scare FactorEdit

Minimal to low for the first, the clips and the shine may get to you.

High bordering on nightmare for the second, it can startle many people with the flashing with them excepting the first instead. Low for those who are used to it.

Low to medium for the third, the city and the zooming might get to you, but it's better than last.


Showcase Original Logo00:06

Showcase Original Logo

The 2010 logo.

Showcase Original Logo (2001)00:17

Showcase Original Logo (2001)

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