SHOGUN FILMS (formerly GoodKnight films), is a Film Production Company, which produces Malayalam films. It has also produced landmark Hindi films like Gardish (Hindi: गर्दिश, and Urdu: گردش) and Kabhi na Kabhi (Hindi: कभी न कभी, and Urdu: کبھی نہ کبھی) which launched Director Priyadarshan as an icon in Bollywood.

Shogun Films is run by R.Mohan (Also known as GoodKnight Mohan) who was the founder of GoodKnight Company.

Scare Factor Edit

Medium, bordering on high. The katana and loud music will get various people and make them run in fear.

WATCH IF YOU DARE!!! (in Malayalam: ഫലമാണ് പക്ഷം കാണുക!!!) Edit

Shogun Films (1998)00:18

Shogun Films (1998)

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