Shock entertainment is a Australian company that produce's CDs And A Few DVDS Too

1st Logo [2002-2008]; Many Lights Zoom Past Us, The screen zooms into a oval, The Text S H O C K is in the oval, followed by entertainment at the bottom. music/sounds a sudden heart beat when the oval is formed

cheesy factor; it's simple. nicknames; 'oval' 'sudden rocking oval' 'great great great grand oval'

scare factor; Medium. The Sudden Start May Scare A Few, Other Than That, it's a great logo. rare, found on some dvds since 2...WHAT THE, WHO BROKE THIS PAGE

2nd Logo [2007-]

Nicknames 'extremely close spinning oval' 'oval of rock' 'marble background' 'escape from the circle' 'the other great great great grand oval' 'SHOCK RUN AWAY' 'the storm clouds' ''bad weather''

Logo; Against A Silver Background, we see a oval extremely close to the screen, then the text shock comes off the centre of the screen one by one on the oval, the background seems to be very dark storm clouds as we see clouds at the bottom right of the screen, the background turns to the oval and dark storm clouds, the background then becomes black, as we see the text shock on the oval, the whole logo then fades into black screen. FX; cool CGI animation.

cheesy factor; nothing cheesy about this, making this much better than the previous logo.

music/sounds; a rock tune when the oval is spinning, loud bangs when the text comes on the oval, a sharp whoosh when the screen turns to the oval, a chord and electric guitar sound when the background fades to black.

scare factor; Low, the chord can scare one or two people, but this is a favourite of many. Very Common, still found on DVDs Today, and it's mostly seen on cartoon DVDs in Austrli......C'MON Fix This Page Before I Freakout