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It appeared on Bear in the Big Blue House, The Book of Pooh, It's a Big Big World, Between The Lions. and Splaat And Spiffy Show Although Both Shows No Longer Re-Air On Disney Jr. But they can be found on VHS or DVD.

Scare Factor: Low. It depends on what sound the dog makes. However, it's harmless. But if you're scared of the dog barking, then it's medium to high!

Variants Edit

Scare Factor: Low. On Some Episodes of Bear In The Big Blue House and Splaat and Spiffy Show The Dog Makes a Different Sound Byte Instead of Barking

  • In Share, Bear, the dog quacks like a duck.
  • In Dirt, I Love You So!, the dog oinks like a pig.
  • In Summer Cooler, the dog makes a "beep beep" sound like the sound of a car's horn.
  • In Spring Fever, the dog croaks like a frog.
  • In Lost Thing, the dog quacks like a different duck.
  • In Listen Up!, the dog hoots like an owl.
    • In Raiders of the Lost Cheese, the dog squalls like a pelican.
    • In The Big Blue Housecall, the dog laughs like Doc Hogg.
    • In Look What I Made, the dog says "grabby grabby" in Treelo's voice.
    • In Love is All You Need, the dog makes kissing sounds.
    • In It's a Mystery to Me, the dog chirps like a bird.
    • In As Different as Day and Night, the dog says "Go Daddy!". In Treelo's voice.
    • In The Way I Feel Today, the dog says "yep yep" in a voice that sounds like a child's voice.
    • In Scientific Bear, the dog makes a "boing boing" sound.
    • In Call it a Day, the dog says "woop woop".
      • In Lost and Found, the dog quacks like Harry.
      • In Morning Glory, the dog meows twice.
      • In The Tutter Family Reunion, the dog says "Thank You" in a male voice.
      • In Bats are People Too, the dog says "Later!" in Tutter's voice.
      • In the TV version of A Berry Bear Christmas, the dog says "Happy Holidays!" in Treelo's voice.
      • In To Clean or Not To Clean, a different bark sound is heard.
      • In Splaat as Today the dog says Klasky Csupo
      • In Spiffy vs Spiffy.exe the dog says Spiffy
      • And Spiffy Ever After The dog say Your Watching Treehouse
      • There is a variant with the URL below the logo.