Sesame Workshop is a logo released in 2000.

Nicknames: House of Boredom, House of Doom, Cute House, House from Hell, The Sesame Workshop House, The Sesame Street House.

Logo: On a white background, we see an abstract green house and purple roof and the text "sesameworkshop" outlined below. the window is filled with yellow glitter. it bounces up and the roof explodes to the right ​​sending glitter all over. some glitter remains to form a lightning bult crowned with a star. some glitter goes left to fill the "sesame" text with purple. some glitter goes right to fill the "workshop" text with green.

Scare Factor:None to Low. Because Of The Tuba At The Start And Kids Laughing. But It's Harmless. None To Those Who Are Used To It. This Logo Is Pretty Much The Same As The Nickelodeon Cloud Logo. But It Is A Super Cute Logo.

Sesame Workshop Logo (2006)00:04

Sesame Workshop Logo (2006)

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