DiCK was a Belgian animation company founded in 1971. They were responsible for doing most of the animation on cartoons from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. Some of their most known works are Inspector Gadget, Beverly Hills Teens, Barbie and the Rockers, Sabrina: The Animated Series, Archie's Weird Mysteries and Sabrina's Secret Life. test

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The DiC Kid In Bed was a logo that consists of a boy in bed with his dog on top of it in a bedroom. It is nighttime and a spiky star shows up. It morphs into a smooth ball and letters spelling the company's name appear and stop in the middle. The star is the dot of the 'I' in 'DiC' and then a child's voice saying the company's name is heard pronounced “Deek” to some people. It was used from 1987 to 2005. Used in tandem with the previous logo until 1988. In 2008, sadly, Cookie Jar had to take over DiC. And DHX Media had to take over Cookie Jar. This logo had different music on different shows. For example, there was a version where the logo is in warp speed and a choir says the company's name.

Availability Edit

Seen on many DiC shows, such as Inspector Gadget (newer prints of old episodes use the Kid in Bed), Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats, and Sonic Underground.

Scare Factor Edit

Depending on the 1983 variants: Low for the Inspector Gadget variant, due to the dramatic music and Inspector Gadget as it may find it funny. None to minimal for The Littles variant. Both variants, the "DiC" looks strange. Medium to high for the 1987 variant. The music may freak out some. But it's High to nightmare to the choir variant, those who are used it None to medium.

Low to medium for the 1990 version. The music can catch some off guard.

None to low for the 1998 version. It's a cute logo (sort of).

Low for the filmed and videotaped versions of the 1980 "Green Vortex" logo. But, the color scheme of the filmed version looks really ugly than the videotaped one. With the closing theme or silent instead of the music, None to minimal. It's cheesy and scary, but you like it or hate it (no in-between?). If you watch at the end of The Real Ghostbusters, the Sony Pictures Television or the Columbia Pictures Television logo follows it and raises the factor if you are afraid or annoyed of it (not quite).

None to Low for the "The Incredible World of DiC" logo, because the ridiculous look of the logo and its cartoon sound effects can catch you off-guard, but silly and funny about that and cute too.





Watch, if you dare.....Edit

DIC Entertainment Logo (1987)

DIC Entertainment Logo (1987)

DiC Entertainment (1987)

DiC Entertainment sped up logo (1987-B)

DiC Entertainment sped up logo (1987-B)

DiC Entertainment (Choir version)

DIC - Kid in Bed

DIC - Kid in Bed

DiC (1998) Logo, A little less Scarier

DiC (1998) Logo, A little less Scarier.

Green Vortex Logo

Green Vortex Logo

Especiales- Logo de DIC (The Incredible World of DIC!) (2002) (DVD, 2002) 4-3

Especiales- Logo de DIC (The Incredible World of DIC!) (2002) (DVD, 2002) 4-3


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Trivia Edit

Some of the dic logo videos are from 1987. five nights at freddies 2 also is from 1987 so there might be a link


BND Logo 1990 2002

BND Logo 1990 2002

The BИD mask (known as the VID mask in the United States of America) (now known as BИDgital or VIDgital as of 2017) is a logo from the Russian TV company of the same name that is known to be kind of scary that was used from 1990 to 2002 perhaps the worst of them all. ЛЕАН-М


We start off with an ominous ball and a ledge on a white screen. The ball then falls off and starts flying back up playing a few slides, then showing a scary mask. The company name in gold font appears underneath.

Additional InfoEdit


On L-Club April Fools Day (1994)

It turns out that the creator of the logo was going to use the death mask of Guo Xiang, a Chinese Taoist philosopher, but the museum would not let him use it. Therefore, he tried to model the head with computer graphics. This, combined with the logo itself, makes this logo very infamous and one of the scariest logos ever. In 1993-1996 before L-club, the VID mask would morph into the face of Leonid Yarmolnik and open its eyes (picture below). It might be a little bit better to know that the Russian company of BИD no longer uses this logo since 2002, but continues to use the 1990s mask. However, in an April Fools joke, another version of the logo opened its eyes and stuck its tongue out in the beginning. It was very scary, funny, annoying, and rude.

The "ВИD" wordmark also uses the Latin "D" instead of the Cyrillic "Д", so the wordmark does not use the proper way to write "VID" with Cyrillic letters.

The weird bulge on the top of the mask is actually a frog. It's a little hard to see since it's shadowed and can be confused for a hair bun.

Music/Sounds Edit

At the beginning, something that sounds like a machine turning on, then something that sounds like a whoosh, and at the end, 5 loud orchestral notes (music, not written on paper) playing when the mask appears.

YouTube VariantsEdit

This is one popular logo. One variant has the 1976 Viacom V of Doom zooming in and then ВИD crashes into the screen.

This logo became very popular in the Vyond community.

The logosEdit

  • Normal: 1960s animation with robotic sounds
  • Short 1: Just the circle parts
  • Short 2: Mask appears then Razbashev's voice says "Телекомпания ВИD представляет" which means "VID Broadcasting Presents"
  • Before L-Club: Face opening Leonid Yarmolnik's eyes, jiggling his eyebrows in the process.
  • April fools day 1994: Face zooms with disagreeable sound. Then he himself takes his tongue off and opens his eyes himself (Yarmolnik was fully masked to ВИD)
  • Oba-Na!: The first part in when a scared person on the right with the black bar coming towards his head, and the mask formed into Igor Ugolnikov saying "VID, VID. Nothing is visible on your VID!”in an electronically-distorted voice in Russian and smiles while clapping, cheering and a synth fanfare are heard in the background 
  • 2000-2013: Black and Yellow background with Russian and an HD mask zooming in at you (a la V of Doom) It has Cyrillic text, "ВИD ТЕЛЕКОМПАНИЯ ПPEДCTABЛЯET" which translates to be "VID Broadcasting Presents".
  • 2013: Same but backgtound is blue and the mask was also changed
  • Before "Rest" the mask appeared vector and started to talk.
  • There is a fanmade variant called the "ВИD of Doom" that bangs on the screen and roars. This can be seen on zooming logos such as Viacom V of Doom, WGBH Boston and Feature Presentation Paramount. Every user wants revenge on Viacom for taking down fair videos and YTP videos of owned by the company by using this video.
  • The person in the Oba-Na! Variant is Igor Ugolnikov
  • A parody of Leonid Yamolnik also exists, witch it begins with the closed eyes of Leonid. Then he sticks out his tongue, and opening his eyes, making it look like the April Fools Day variant, but scarier.


  • This logo became very popular in the Vyond community.
  • This logo was also introduced during the times of the Soviet Union.
  • The mask itself is still used today.

Scare Factor Edit


Variant that debuted in 1999

Original and Abridged Variants: Nightmare. The loud, weird and scary music, zooming circles, and evil-looking mask have scared many people, mostly those in Russia, but it's become some sort of an Internet meme and very infamous for its scariness. Unarguably one of the most frightening logos ever made, and possibly the darkest and scariest Russian logo of all time, it might have also surprised and scared many Americans who saw the episode ofВзгляд when C-SPAN aired it.

Christmas Variant: Medium. The menacing chord along with the sudden appearance of the mask may scare some, but it is far less intimidating than the normal one.

Presentation Variants: Low to medium. The mask is still quite creepy, and the male announcer may startle those who weren't expecting it, but these is much less frightening than the original variant.

Standard L-club Variant: Low to high, since the mask morphing into Yarmolnik's face and the opening of its eyes, the jiggling of his eyebrows, and his rather astonished stare can scare quite a few, and we still have that dramatic fanfare, but it's (somewhat) less intimidating than the normal one, thanks to the lack of the circles.

L-club April Fools Day Variant: Nightmare, due to the mask suddenly changing into an eerie, mocking, taunting face along having scary eyes, as well as the dramatic fanfare and "zooming circles" animation retained from the abridged variant. This variant is infamous for scaring many unsuspecting viewers when it first aired as an April Fools joke, as well as the fact that the variant sometimes appeared on other L-club episodes afterwards, catching (and scaring) viewers by a surprise as a result. The fact that this variant also stays there for about 12 seconds with the black background along with the silence can also be very unsettling.

Оба-на! Variant: Medium. With the mask fading into Ugolnikov's face, the distorted voice, and the panicking man at the beginning, it will definitely scare some. But others might find it funny.

Otdyhay! Variant: High to nightmare. The fact that the mask is talking (not to mention what it is saying completely contradicts the scariness of the mask) and smiles in a creepy way, along with all the other things from before is bound to scare many.

Поле Чудес Episode 1 Variant: None to high. The sudden fast speed of this logo can get to some, but some might find it funny.
Screen Gems

Screen Gems is a 1965-1974 logo that shows two red lines converging over a red dot with the text "SCREEN GEMS" zooming in. In 1973, "A DIVISION OF COLUMBIA PICTURES INDUSTRIES, INC" was added to the bottom of "SCREEN GEMS". It was composed by Eric Siday. In 1999, Screen Gems made the S from Heaven, which is used on Screen Gems movies. Since 2014, before the logo, the Sony logo is shown, like Columbia and Tristar.

Scare FactorEdit

Medium to Nightmare for the 1965-1974 logo. This logo has scared some since its debut in 1965 a long time ago, now it doesn't anymore.

The short one is also low. It may be a bit tamer but still a bit good.

The S from Heaven variant from 1999-2014 is so great. It is so incredible. If Relaxing and is MUCH tamer than the S from Hell.

None for the current Screen Gems logo. But the Sony logo will suprise people who aren't expecting it. But it is still MUCH tamer than the S From Hell.

The S From Hell is no longer to scare anyone or be scary, it is now a good logo.


Screen Gems Television Logo (1965) "High Quality"

Screen Gems Television Logo (1965) "High Quality"

Screen Gems Television Logo (1965-70)

Screen Gems and his brothers and sisters's galleryEdit

  • Films
    • How War Came (1941)
    • The Great Cheese Mystery (1941)
    • The Dumbconscious Mind (1942)
    • The Vitamin G-Man (1943)
    • He Can't Make It Stick (1943)
      • Flippity and Flop (1946)
      • The Fox and the Crow (1940–1946)
      • Li'l Abner (1944)
      • Timmylogo and 3M's Logo Movie (2016)
      • Timmylogo and 3M's Logo Movie 2 (2016)