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My S from Hell drawing attempt

A "S from Hell" drawing made by Rafal.

Screen Gems

Screen Gems is a 1965-1974 logo that shows two red lines converging over a red dot with the text "SCREEN GEMS" zooming in. In 1973, "A DIVISION OF COLUMBIA PICTURES INDUSTRIES, INC" was added to the bottom of "SCREEN GEMS". It was composed by Eric Siday. In 1999, Screen Gems made the S from Heaven, which is used on Screen Gems movies. Since 2014, before the logo, the Sony logo is shown, like Columbia and Tristar.

Scare FactorEdit

None to Low for the 1965-1974 logo. This logo has scared some since its debut in 1965 a long time ago, now it doesn't anymore

The S from Heaven variant from 1999-2014 is so great. It is so incredible. If Relaxing and is MUCH tamer than the S from Hell.

None for the current Screen Gems logo. But the Sony logo will surprise people who aren't expecting it. But it is still MUCH tamer than the S From Hell.


Screen Gems Television Logo (1965) "High Quality"00:07

Screen Gems Television Logo (1965) "High Quality"

Screen Gems Television Logo (1965-70)

Screen Gems and his brothers and sisters's galleryEdit

Yoyle Screen Gems
  • Films
    • How War Came (1941)
    • The Great Cheese Mystery (1941)
    • The Dumbconscious Mind (1942)
    • The Vitamin G-Man (1943)
    • He Can't Make It Stick (1943)
      • Flippity and Flop (1946)
      • The Fox and the Crow (1940–1946)
      • Li'l Abner (1944)

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