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Looking for scary logos? prepare to be scared! We have loads of scary logos! just waiting to give you a scare! So... have fun!  And.. let the scary logos evolution begin!


These logos will scare you. Give you a chill, frighten you, and so forth. Be prepared. We have warned you.The number 1 scariest home video logo is: Home video

     Converge video

And the number 1 scariest logo is:D


How does it work?Edit

We say what happens, give additional info, give a scare factor (Low, Medium, High, or NIGHTMARE), (Low, Medium or High to NIGHTMARE) & High, bodering on NIGHTMARE then if you're really daring you can watch our video library of creepiness. CAN YOU HANDLE...THE FREAKINESS?? looking for logos after your favorite TV shows well come to scary logos wiki

New Scary EditsEdit

Feature Presentation Is A Film Company From Walt Disney Pictures.This Logo Contain 2 Versions.The First Is The Liliac Blue Screen & Handwriting Letters With A"spin-off"Voice Saying"AND NOW,OUR FEATURE PRESENTATION".The Orchestra Music Is Loud & Voice Is Low

NOTE:Put The Volume Down.

Scare Rank:Low To Medium-By The Loud Music & Low Voice.But The Letters Are Funny

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