1952 Revue Studios Logo

1952 Revue Studios Logo

Revue Camera
Revue Productions 1951

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MCA Arrowhead of Doom

Scare Factor

Medium to Nightmare

The first logo of MCA's new television arm Revue, from 1952. Revue was created when the Screen Actors Guild allowed sort of shady talent agency MCA to produce films, guaranteeing MCA's talent stable work. MCA went on to buy Universal and Revue became Universal Television, which gave the world that creepy globe. We zoom in on a shot of a TV camera, which turns sideways, revealing the phrase "A REVUE PRODUCTION" (in a futura font) inscribed onto the camera base. Then it later fades to the MCA-TV "Filmreel" logo. Nothing crazy, nothing scary, just something very rare from the first days of television. Found on the Closing Logo Group's SFM++ 10, part of an incredible series.