The popularity and impact of Popular culture logos has led to the series being references in various other media.

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  • This animated TV series has spoofed several well-known logos during the show's entire run, such as CBS Special Presentation, PBS, Ubu Productions, and Disney.
  • The 1989 PBS logo was spoofed before a parody of Barney and Friends. On a blue screen, we see cardboard cutouts of the heads of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. They slowly turn to their left, and then SBS appears without any multi-colored lines, followed by STUPID BROADCASTING SERVICE to its right, both in yellow, as a child's voice says, "Baloney and Kids is brought to you by this station and other stations that lack clever programming." A synth piece intended to invoke the original logo's music plays throughout.


  • If Maurice grabbing peacock logo appear NBC episode Toucan get Always

Steven UniverseEdit

  • At the end of the episode "Lion 2: The Movie", Lion is roaring in this spoof of the MGM Logo

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