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How r u today SPG (or Strong Parental Guidance) is a television rating implemented by the MTRCB (Movie Television Radio and Classification Board), a media organization that classifies TV shows and movies in the Philippines


It first shows the MTRCB logo with piano music, then a female annotation in Filipino saying Ang programang ito ay Rated SPG then it shows the letters SPG in a red box as the female voice continues to explain in Filipino: "Striktong" patnubay at gabay ng magulang ang kailangan. Maaring may maseselang tema, lengguwahe, karahasan, sekswal, horror, o droga, na hindi angkop sa mga bata. It then remains still for a few seconds before the program starts.

An English version also exists, with this dialogue:

"This program is rated SPG. It contains scenes with themes, language, violence, sex, horror, or drugs, which may not be suitable for children. Strong parental guidance is advised."

The Filipino version also shows the letters T L K S H D (for Tema, Lengguwahe, Karahasan, Sekswal, Horror, and Droga). The English version, on the other hand, shows T L V S H D (for Themes, Language, Violence, Sex, Horror and Drugs).


On February 9, 2012, then-MTRCB Chairman (now Senator) Grace Poe-Llamanzares implemented the SPG which stands for Strong Parental Grace in English and Striktong Patnubay at Gabay in Filipino for TV shows that are not appropriate for children's viewing due to strong themes, language, violence, sexual content, horror, and display of drugs.



SPG Edit

HQ MTRCB SPG (Strong Parental Guidance Striktong Patnubay At Gabay) Tagalog 4x3 No Watermarks00:19

HQ MTRCB SPG (Strong Parental Guidance Striktong Patnubay At Gabay) Tagalog 4x3 No Watermarks

MTRCB Strong Parental Guidance advisory (English - No Watermarks)00:18

MTRCB Strong Parental Guidance advisory (English - No Watermarks)

Scare RankEdit

Nightmare. The long pause of the last musical note, and enlisting of content descriptors cinema one shake rattle and roll aquarium

(Tema/Themes, Lengguwahe/Language, Karahasan/Violence, Sekswal/Sex, Horror, Droga/Drugs), might scare.

The logo when it appears on TV.


  • The SPG rating is shown twice in one program (at the beginning, and during midway of the program)
  • ABS-CBN, a Philippine television network shows the content descriptors (T L K S H D) very clearly during the program.

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