Rank Video is a nightmare logo. A loud ominous wind is heard while the words
VHS Companies From the 80's

VHS Companies From the 80's

Rank Video then it turns around showing a man banging a gong (Bombardier Billy Wells).


The name came from Joseph Arthur Rank, the founder of Rank Organisation as well as J. Arthur Rank Films


  • In an episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, it is revealed in a Million pound question that the man banging the gong is the English boxing champion Bombardier Billy Wells.
  • The name of the contestant playing for that episode is Ingram Wilcox and the question goes as follows...

Which boxer is famous for striking the gong in the introduction to J. Arthur Rank Films?
A. Bombardier Billy WellsB. Freddie Mills
C. Terry SpinksD. Don Cockell

Scare Factor Edit

Minimal to high. The music may remind you of a scary thunderstorm and the dark background doesn't help matters. However, the logo appears to be a fan favourite.

None to low for those who are not scared of it.


A dramatic synthesized sound that resembles a thunderstorm.

Watch if you dare!Edit

Rank Video Logo 1986-1988

Rank Video Logo 1986-1988