diz cmpony is skurry!!!!!!!

(please note this is a joke page)

skurr faktr | ow the edge the kartrs in dat is trbl

on it it wuz on bee eph dee aye since 1 bc now itz replacd by zpiphy piktrz in 10000 ad and diz iz wear da next ic ag st0rt (This is literally where the next ice age starts, no kidding.)

da mozt ztupid fndumb in de woureauld!!!!!!!!! RWBYEven Unistuckity Fal-Chaverwattle pondertale iz badd!!!!!!!!!

dun del8 my imagiz!!!!!

THX Tex2- Moo Can00:31

THX Tex2- Moo Can

(emilesila in a nutshell)

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