RCA SelectaVision VideoDiscs bumper in Stereo...00:51

RCA SelectaVision VideoDiscs bumper in Stereo....

This is a 1981 logo for RCA's SelectaVision VideoDisc.


On a black background, we see a thin blue ring zoom out, with star-like spheres gliding around it. It then flips to its side, creating a line with a muted rainbow of colors under it. The line extends along with the rainbow and a huge RCA logo arises from the rainbow before quickly fading out. The rainbow of colors pans down as the words (with the rainbow trail following them):

A---------------------------- SelectaVision VideoDisc-------- Presentation-- (in white)

pan up word by word, in sync with the music, which is "Promenade" by Isao Tomita.

Scare RankingEdit

None This is an awesome logo.

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