Puiamow Television

Car Crashers version

This logo can be seen on Season 1-4 Car Crashers episodes. It was also seen on the pilot for The 9-Year Old Spy. On Car Crashers, we see a bottom of a road with a orange sky and then a red car drives over the logo and then the logo reveals. On Halloween episodes, the logo is in warp speed and a different text is used. On The 9-Year Old Spy a magnifying glass searches around the logo and then the logo reveals.

NOTE: This isn't real.

Scare FactorEdit

Nightmare for the Car Crashers version, the road, the orange sky, the sudden appearance, everything! It can be sure to scare a lot of Car Crashers fans, making it one of the worst TV logos ever!

HEART ATTACK for the warp speed version! It is much worse than the original. It could be worse than Radio Tower Studios and TF! (Cucoo Bird Variant).

Low to medium for The 9-Year Old Spy version, the effects can unnerve you, but this is much much much better than the Car Crashers versions.