"Protect and Survive" - Outro Music Jingle & Logo-100:19

"Protect and Survive" - Outro Music Jingle & Logo-1

The outro of the informational videos.

Basic InformationEdit

Protect And Survive was a mid 1970s British instruction pamphlet and informational video series that would be distributed and aired respectfully in the event of imminent nuclear attack. These 20 shorts would air in a loop during the countries' 48-hour shift to the Wartime Broadcasting Service radio station.

Each of the aforementioned shorts ended with with an animated logo depicting the silhouette of a family, with the Protect and Survive text wrapping around them and turning into a protective circle while a synthesiser jingle plays.

Scare FactorEdit

Low to High depending on one's sensitivity. While the image itself is non-intimidating, some have mentioned being unsettled by the synthesiser Jingle.

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