Presto Studios animated logos00:51

Presto Studios animated logos


The logo.

Presto Studios is a logo that appears in The Journeyman Project series video game. 


The original variant of the animated logo was created by Jack H. Davis. It appears in the opening sequence of the 1992 video game The Journeyman Project.

The second variant of this logo is not animated. It appears in The Journeyman Project 2.

The third variant of this logo appears in The Journeyman Project 3. 

Scare FactorEdit

1st variant: High:It could be more scary because of the sound effects of the earthquake, wind and water. However, the fire sound effect is calm.

2nd variant: None, but the sounds are little bit scary.

3rd variant: Nightmare due to the animated fire at the beginning could be more scary and it will have nightmares.

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