This company, Also known as The Oz Film Manufacturing Company, produced silent films, most notably the Oz series. Every one of them has bombed commercially. The movies they make his various colors and custom theme's playing over it, like in silent films.

the name is still hacked, so yeah

Nicknames Edit

Princess Ozma, The Grandmother of all Nightmare logos, BND's Older Sister, V for Vivian (it’s not! )

Logo (1914-1915) Edit

On a black background, we see a woman (silent film actress Vivian Reed, see "Trivia") wearing two flowers and a crown-like object on her forehead with a Z inside a circle (obviously the company name) With a few loose curls hanging down, apparently supposed to be Princess Ozma from the book series. She looks around the screen and smiles. No obvious indication of the name is the company is shown and it only appears on the title card of the movie.

Music/Sounds: None, or a violin tune.

Variants Edit

The logo including the film has been shown in gray, red, yellow, blue, green and purple tones.

The logo also featured the woman's head in a close-up, to the point where her head almost covers the entire screen. Her loose curls are also missing.

There has been a short version spotted where it just shows her looking around the is screen for about 4 seconds. This variant is mostly at the end of the films.

The Patchwork Girl of Oz close-up variant lasts only 2 seconds, due to skips through the logo, which is a result of the film deterioration.

If you look closely at the Ozma Head, the body of my Ozma Head is shown.

Cheesy Factor Edit

This logo is very old, as evidenced by the scratchy prints.

Scare Factor Edit

Original Version: Medium to nightmare .The rather cold, lifeless stare of Vivian may creep and freak some people out. The music that accompanies the music on some of the films may also add to the scare factor, along with the old film scratches. This is also for people who don't like old logos.

Closeup:High To Nightmare (Used NIGHTMARE Logo Before)

Did you know? Edit

The Oz Film Company Logo 1914-1915 Alt

The Oz Film Company Logo 1914-1915 Alt. Version

The woman in this logo is silent film actress Vivian Reed (1894-1989). She was a part of Oz Film Company. She was an Ozma head that used to be the logo. 23 years after the defunct of the logo, she retired from acting in films. She died in July 19, 1989 at the age of 95.

  • This may be the first scary logo.
    Slightly Scary logo for Oz Film Manufacturing Company (1914, Logo 1)

    Slightly Scary logo for Oz Film Manufacturing Company (1914, Logo 1)