Background: This logo was used at the end of video releases from Sesame Street starting in 1997 and ending in 2003, likely as a disclaimer.

Logo: We see the last part of the Sony Wonder logo squeeze in and out, then a we a screen which constantly changes colors and spins that says Wherever children's videos, CDs, cassettes, and book-and-tape sets are sold in white and capitalized that squeezes in, then out.

Variants: Just like the 1st version, we see last part of the Sony Wonder logo, but this time, on the "Wherever Children's Videos, CDs, cassettes, and book-and-tape sets are sold" screen, the letters are in yellow, and the screen is blue. There's also a cutshort variant of this logo, which just has the Sony Wonder logo.

FX/SFX: The colorful background spinning and the letters. The clouds moving in the last part of the Sony Wonder logo and the transition from the Sony Wonder logo to the blue screen for the other version. For the cutshort variant, it just has the clouds moving.

Cheesy Factor: Just what is the purpose of the cutshort varient if there is no disclaimer screen?

Music/Sounds: A disco theme ending with a dramatic trumpet flourish, accompanied by an announcer saying "Only from Sony Wonder, wherever children's videos, CDs, cassettes, and book and tape sets are sold." This theme was actually the last seconds of the song "Count with Me" from 123 Count With Me. Or sometimes the Sesame Street Harmonica credits theme, accompanied by a different announcer. On the cutshort variant, the music is a cutshort version of the last seconds of the song "Count with Me", and the announcer just says "Only from Sony Wonder."

Availability: Common. Seen at the end of Elmopalooza, The Alphabet Jungle Game, The Great Numbers Game, The Best of Kermit on Sesame Street, and the 1998 reprint VHS of Elmo Saves Christmas. This version later returned in 2001, starting with Elmo's Musical Adventure: The Story of Peter and The Wolf and ending with Elmo's World: Happy Holidays!. The other variant is seen at the end of most Sesame Street VHS releases from July 8, 1997 to February 3, 1998, and made a surprise appearance at the end of Elmo's World: Dancing, Music and Books. The later variant is seen on most Sesame Street VHS releases from 1999 to 2000 (Except for Elmo's World: Dancing, Music and Books), such as Kids' Favorite Songs. The cutshort variant is only seen on Elmo's World: Head to Toe with Elmo.

Scare Factor: None To high. The dramatic music now combined with the psychedelic background are bound to scare more than some people. Also, the background squeezing to black will probably give anyone scares, especially those who fear the black screen itself at the end of tapes. Low to medium for the other variant. The dramatic trumpet flourish can get to some, especially those not expecting it, but it's otherwise harmless, and those used to the theme from the tape itself should have no problem except for the background squeezing out. None for the later variant. It's much better with a friendlier announcer and music. Low for the cutshort variant, as the sudden end can startle people used to it, but it's better due to the lack of the flourish.