The Odd Squad Shield.

Odd Squad was a TV Series founded by PBS Kids in November 2014.

The intro started out with Olive's voice and some slides shaped like hexagons. It started out with her saying "My name is Agent Olive. This is my partner, Agent Otto..." then she would describe the next picture that appeared. Then she said "But back to Otto and me. We work for an orginization run by kids. We investigate anything strange, weird, and especially, odd. Our job is to put things right again." Then a whole bunch of clips from their adventures played. The crew (Otto, Olive, Oscar, and Ms. O) stood on a platform. Finally, Olive said "Who do we work for? We work for Odd Squad." The logo zoomed out, then the shield was visible. Then the show started.

Scare Factor Edit

None to medium. The sudden noises could startle some people, but it's very harmless.

Watch it...if you dare... Edit

Odd Squad Theme (long version)01:26

Odd Squad Theme (long version)

Odd Squad theme.

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