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Ontario Educational Communications Authority Logo 1970-198100:15

Ontario Educational Communications Authority Logo 1970-1981

1975 OECA - Scary Logo Ident - Multicoloured Version TVO00:14

1975 OECA - Scary Logo Ident - Multicoloured Version TVO

On the beginning of tvontario's life there was OECA. Which stands for Ontario Educational Communications Authority. It was found in some canadan old vhs tapes from the 70s. Let's start withe yellow, first the yellor circle thingy appears in the right then it falls down exept the small one then the letter appears. Multicolured looks creepier . Blue/Grey variant also exists.


There are three variants: Yellow, Multicolored & Blue/Grey.

Scare FactorEdit

Low to high on Yellow variant and medium to high for the Blue/Grey variant, but High to Nightmare  for the multi-coloured variant; because of the dark atmosphere and the creepy music. Multicoloured variant is creeper at the start.
Ontario Educational Communications Authority (1975)00:17

Ontario Educational Communications Authority (1975)

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