"Noggin and Nick Jr. Logo Collection Becomes Crazy!" is a Scratch Project created by TheXavierFans.

First Logo: Stupid Airplane Productions (Little Airplane Pictures Parody)

Logo: On a black background, we see the the text "Stupid Airplane Productions"

and the URL code below: ""

and the rectangle shows a road and a gravestone where the girl would be.

Scare Factor: Low. The Voice screaming "This has been a Stupid Airplane production!" won't sit well

with some.

Second Logo: The Original Channel to Hate (Noggin Original Tree Parody)

Logo: On a blue background We see the mentally created tree but the text "NOGGIN" has been changed to "No Please God No!"

The birds are angry and we see Red from the 2009 game "Angry Birds" with an "OMG" speech bubble.

Scare Factor: None. It is a funny logo.

Third Logo: Nick Nick Ummmm... (Nick Jr. Clay Parody)

Logo: On a yellow background, We see two Nicks bouncing around. When the logo is formed the text "Ummmm..." appears

Scare Factor: None.

Fourth Logo: Jr. Jr. Air Catch (Nick Jr. Air Catch Parody)

Logo: We see the end of the "I have to P!" Logo (Perez-Minton Parody)

Then We See two Jrs playing Air Catch. Then they hold hands.

then the copyright appears saying "1999 THE JR. COMPANY"

Scare Factor: None.

Fifth Logo: Black Out Productions (Nick Jr. Puddle Parody)

Same as the original logo but the teal background is darker than usual and when the logo is formed their bodies don't say "NICK JR.", It says "BLACK OUT" and Nick has a speech bubble saying: "Hey! Where's the light switch?" and Piper is Frowning saying "I look dumb"

Scare Factor: Low, Because of the dark atmosphere and the Piper at the end can get to some. But it is harmless.

Sixth Logo: No Productions Lightbulb (Noggin Original Lightbulb Parody)

Same as the original logo But the head is frowning during the whole logo and the head is sobbing when it is lit. And the bottom has a blue rectangle saying "THIS IS A NO PRODUCTION"

Scare Factor: Low. If you feel sorry for it.

Seventh Logo: I Hate My Life! Pictures (Spiffy Pictures Parody)

Logo. On a yellow background wee see an outlined white circle with the top reading: "I HATE MY LIFE!"

and the bottom reading "PICTURES". In the middie are black eyes with white pupils and a frown. We hear his voice saying: "I'm serious because I hate my life!"

Scare Factor: Low. The voice can get to some, But the voice is way, WAY calmer than Stupid Airplane's.

Eigth Logo: No Way Productions (Noggin Original Tuba Parody)

On a sky blue background: We see a blue Noggin head frowning and the rectangle says: "NO WAY". and a gray light with a yellow semi-circle for a lightbulb. and the word "ORIGINALS" in black. The head is saying "Why am I here?" then it cuts to black and we see a "Jack's Big Music Show" screen and Moose saying "Um..." and The other rectangle havig 3 colored things.

Scare Factor: Low. The JBMS screen may get to some

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