Noggin Originals (1999-2003)00:07

Noggin Originals (1999-2003)

Noggin Bumper - Mentally Created Tree (2002)00:06

Noggin Bumper - Mentally Created Tree (2002)

Noggin Original - Tuba (2005-2009)00:04

Noggin Original - Tuba (2005-2009)

noggin horn

Noggin Original was a logo that appeared at the end of many shows that debuted on Noggin. There was three logos, lightbulb, mentally created tree, and horn.

Scare FactorEdit

Low for the Lightbulb logo. The robot voice could scare a few, but it's mainly harmless.

None for the Mentally Created Tree logo.

Medium for the horn logo. The loud trumpet sounds will scare more than a few. However it could be lower if you listen to the birds in the logo.

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