Neon Frame is a television production company owned by Star Remo. There are a few different varients that appear on the shows produced by this company, such as Ask Phyllis w/ Phyllis J. and Explore It. 
Neon Frame Logo 5
There is one logo right now currently being used, and there other logos that will be shown in the future. The logos are supposed to look somewhat vintage, and the current ones being used have a space type look and theme to them.

Varients Edit

1st Logo: Neon Frame logo has a space look to it, and the music has a very eerie and dark theme to it, almost ghost-like. It has a 3D look, and is currently being used.

2nd Logo: The logo is the same, except the sound is different. Instead of the music, it has a loud, scattered space sound to it, and it comes up right away.

Scare Rank Edit

1st Logo: Low to medium, because of the look and music to it. The music is very dark and ghost-like and could startle viewers, and the logo itself is dark, the space and black background along with the music make it this way.

2nd Logo: High. The logo and space sound could startle people watching because it comes up out of nowhere and just pops up right away without warning, which could startle viewers.

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