Logo: We see an ancient lamp inside a circular emblem (which looks like the 1908 Gaumont daisy) outline being illuminated by several lightning strikes. When there are no more lightning strikes, we see three flames over the lamp (turned up). After that, the camera moves down to show us a rectangle with "NATIONAL ARTS" written inside. Then, the camera zooms very slowly to the lamp.

Cheesy Factor: There is little animation to speak of, and the singing seems rather anticlimactic. The logo also has a long runtime.

Scare Factor: Nightmare. The lightning, the creepy male singing, the overall darkness of the logo, the zoom-in to the lamp, long length, and the dark wind instrument notes at the end makes this one of the most darkest and scariest Indian logos. Low to medium for those who don't find it as creepy as others would.


National Arts Theater logo (1953-1954)

National Arts Theater logo (1953-1954)

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